New blog

I have started a new blog that will include my quilting and my other crafts into one blog at Crafts by Regena. I am awaiting the arrival of a new Silhouette Cameo machine and will be venturing into the world of electronic cutting! vinyl decals, scrapbooking, paper crafts, and more intricate appliquè projects. It is a new blog so many of the things on the pages will probably change a few more times before I leave them alone!

My non quilty craft projects.

I would like to share some of my non quilty craft projects that I have done in the past few weeks.

Okay, all I did with these is spray paint them and hang them up, but aren’t they cute!? I hung the shelves upside down so that the design piece will hold everything against the wall better.

The larger black shelf was a headboard.

I used the ironing board top that I had previously made and a couple of dollar store cube organizers to build an ironing station with storage.

I used a spray painted TV table, cotton batting, and some matching fabric to make a by-your-side ironing board for piecework that can be folded away when I’m not using it. 

I spray painted two old coffee tins and put some ribbon around them to make these adorable catchers of random things! If you can’t tell, I really like spray paint! 

My first experience with stain! I used poly shades, which is stain and polyurethane in one step, in Bombay mahogany and some numbers from Lowe’s to make this address sign for the end of the driveway.

Black house paint, taped off in a Chevron pattern, and (you guessed it) spray painted blue! I then used a coral colored chalk paint named rhubarb to paint the words.

My first attempt at making a throw pillow. It is for decoration only because the stuffing is bearding through the fabric. I figure I can stitch batting to the inside as I’m making it to prevent that on future attempts! 

Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been a little busy, what with having a new baby (number 4) in June. We now have: K, boy, 8yo, Z, girl, 7yo, A, girl, 4yo, and M, girl, 2 months old! 

M was born on June 19th at 7llbs and 2 oz, making her our smallest.

Here we are!

I have been quilting a little bit, though most of my time is spent with the kids and remodeling the house but I did finish my quilt room finally. My children are all homeschooled, so I don’t get that free time to take care of things around the house like most stay at home moms. But that also means that I have a little help with the daily chores, as much as a 7 and  year old can help! 

Here is my new room.

I had three quilt orders. Two are finished and the other will be started today! 

Here is Harper Rose, named after its recipient. 

This one is Brooklyn Riley, also named after its recipient.

That’s all for now. I will have a post soon about all of the non quilty craft projects that I have been doing! 


Yes, that’s right, pegboard! My husband put pegboard up on my wall for me to organize my things! The best part is that it is completely customizable and re-customizable! 

I have one for stencils and one for rulers and notions!

Now all that’s left to finish my new quilt room is to re-size and hang up my design wall!

Bargello Rose at the Quilt Show

Today the String-Along quilter’s Guild hosted a quilt show in West Liberty, KY. We had 59 quilts entered and 107 guests. 

I entered my Bargello quilt which I named Bargello Rose that I just finished binding yesterday! 

It won the president’s choice award which is chosen after the judges pick their top three. I’m super excited about it because this is the first show I have entered! It was just a small town show, but I’m still very proud of it!

I also learned something while I was there, which is always fun! There was a demonstration on hand quilting. After seeing someone else do it, I decided to give it a try! I bought a cute little Minnie Mouse panel that I will be hand quilting. I figured I would go easy on myself and start off with a panel so that I don’t have any seams to mess with and I already have a design to follow! 

Isn’t she cute?! 

Mini quilt

I took a break from the Bargello, but for a good reason! I decided that I would do one of the mini quilts for our new baby. I used the rose stencil that I plan to use on the border of the Bargello on it, you can’t see it on the mini quilt because the fabric is too busy but I used it anyway as practice so that it’s not new when I go to put it on the Bargello.

I think it turned out really well! 

It’s 25″ by 25″ which will be perfect for her car seat! 

I wish I would have taken the time to match up the green fabrics, but I don’t think baby girl will mind!

Also, her nickname will be Minnie, so I love that I found fleece fabric with her name on it! 

Today, if all goes a according to plan, I will be putting the borders on the Bargello, then possibly basting it!

Finding balance

I now have half of the center of the Bargello pieced.  

It is up on my design wall so that I can admire it! 

I love this pattern and the effect it creates. I knew it wasn’t an easy pattern before I started but really it’s not too awfully hard either, just really time consuming and it has a lot of prep work before you see it take its shape! Which is frustrating for an impatient person like myself! 

I should have the other half done fairly soon. It all depends on how much uninterrupted time my kids give me in my sewing room in the next few days! Some days they are very self sufficient and I get lots done and other days they require more guidance. 

On that note, I would like to discuss my findings in family life. I have found that if no one comes into my sewing room to get me I will zone out and just quilt all day long. I have missed entire days with my family because of this habit. To combat that I have set alarms on my phone for family time, schooling time (as my kids are homeschooled) and meal times (which we always have together). We have also set aside certain days of the week for our family activities. Thursday evening is movie night, Tuesday afternoon is board games, and we try to play around outside as much as possible but the weather here in good ole Kentucky is not being very cooperative yet! My sewing room faces the front yard and we live in a VERY rural area so the kids can often play outside while I am sewing! I even set up the room so that my sewing machine sits right in front of the window. 

All in all I believe that we have found our happy medium on work and family time. Though we don’t always follow the schedule exactly! Last Friday we spent 3 hours playing hide and seek inside the house with the kids! We had some great spur of the moment family time, which are always the best ones but do you know how hard it is to get into and out of a toy box at 7months pregnant! My youngest found the best hiding spot ever, we looked for her forever before we finally told her to come out, she was IN the dryer! 

Enough about that, my friend’s bridal shower was a lot of fun, she loved her quilt, and I got to meet some of her family and soon to be family! 

I won one of the games too. They had clipped those tiny clothes pins all over the house and we were to collect as many as possible. I ended up with 9. 


I finished the peacocks quilt.  

It was happily received by its owner on Saturday. 

I started in on the horses quilt for my friend’s bridal shower on Sunday. I finished it yesterday. It only took 4 days to piece and quilt! I knew it was an easy pattern and it isn’t a large quilt (50×60) but I thought it would take longer than that! I guess it got done so quickly because I was in a hurry due to the fact that her bridal shower is this Saturday.  

I used a stencil for the horses and the mock cross hatching. 

I am pleased with how it turned out and I’m sure she will be as well! This is the first one I’ve made without any input from the recipient. I usually keep the person in the loop about the progress and share pictures of it. With this one though, all she knows is that I’m making her a quilt, it is a throw (50×60), and I did show her the fabric yardage before it was cut so she know the colors. I will get some pictures of her with it on Saturday!

Yesterday I got the Bargello back out!!! I’m almost done with the top half of it now. I’m super excited to get this one pieced so that I can start quilting it, I have some really cool designs planned out for the borders! This one is going to be in a show so I’m going to hand bind it…not my favorite thing to do because of my two bad wrists (ganglion cysts). It always takes me longer than it should to stitch it down by hand due to the fact that I can’t just sit and stitch for any appreciable amount of time. On the bright side I have until May 14th, which is more than a month, to finish it. 

After that is done, I really have to start finishing my baby girl’s quilts! She is due in June! I need to at least finish her tiny car seat quilt before her arrival. I’m making that one out of a single 20″ star block and putting a 2 1/2″ border on it. Finishing at 25″ square it should be perfect for a little car seat!


These last couple of weeks have been hectic, fun, and miserable, all at the same time in some cases! 

As you may know, I’m currently working on a customer quilt. The peacocks which I have named “On Parade” because the peacocks on the fabric look like they are marching. I did add a few flourishes to the center of the quilt…just to break up the space a little because the idea of that much stippling made me not so happy…I like playing around and mixing up designs!  

This is part of the back.

It is far too large for me to stretch out to get good pictures by myself so we will just have to wait until it is bound and my husband can help me with the finished pictures!

I am working on the border now.

The lighting has caused some color distortion in this picture but the thread here is royal blue. 

I can’t wait to have this done so I can show you all the whole thing and I’m even more excited to show the owner!

As soon as this one is finished I will post about it and then I have to immediately jump into the next project, which is a throw sized quilt for a friend who is having a bridal shower on April 9th. Yikes, talk about cutting it close! 

The piecing on that one will be very easy, I already have all of the quilting laid out for it, and most of it is stenciled, so it shouldn’t take very long at all to finish, plus it’s only 50×60. 

My quilt guild is having a quilt show on May 14th and I hope to have the Bargello done in time to hang it in the show. It is currently a quarter of the way pieced, it should take about 4 solid more days to finish that, then I already have the quilting planned for that one as well. The borders will be done with two specially ordered stencils and the center will be the traditional quilting for a Bargello that follows the piecing! 

On a personal note, my whole house (husband, three kids, and myself) took turns with the flu over the last few weeks. Fun! We are all fully over that just in time for Easter fun! 

M, our new baby who is due to arrive in June, is doing great other than the fact that she is still breach (not head down) but she still has almost three months to decide to flip over! Our first child, K, our only boy, was breach until 12 days before he was born! 

Slow Progress

The Bargello is taking a while to complete, but I think it will be worth the work! I have a quarter of it done now.  

This will be a queen sized quilt when it’s done! 

It has to be put away for a couple of weeks so that I can work on something else for now. I got a commission to do a peacock themed quilt. The customer already got the fabric they wanted. The center is just a whole cloth of a peacock print, which is really busy so I won’t do anything too in depth there. Then it will have a 5″ gold border which reads solid so I will be segmenting it and free motion quilting some peacock feathers with a variegated blue and green thread. All in all it won’t take too long to finish.

After I finish that one I have a bridal shower to go to, YAY! I chose to make a quilt in their wedding colors (turquoise and dark brown) for them. The bride loves horses so I got a stencil to be able to incorporate some horses to the quilting!

That’s all for now! Updates on these quilts will follow as they are finished!